ORC-20 tokens run on the Bitcoin blockchain and are represented as JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) files inscribed onto satoshis with an Ordinal serial number, similar to BRC-20 tokens. Created after the BRC-20 standard, ORC-20 aims to address a few of BRC-20's limitations by improving security and enhancing flexibility.

ORC-20 expands BRC-20's scope by supporting a wider array of data formats and leverages Bitcoin's Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) model to circumvent the issue of double-spending, which has been a significant concern for some BRC-20 tokens.

Those who intend to invest in ORC-20 tokens should first understand that ORC-20 is an experimental project, and there is no assurance of the value or usefulness of tokens produced using this standard. While ORC-20 may potentially improve the token standards of the Bitcoin network, it has received criticism for being complex and not offering significant advantages over existing standards.

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