BRC-20 Trending Bot

Comsats develops a Telegram Bot that uses on-chain data and aggregates it into an indexer to provide signals about the trend of BRC-20.

  • Hot Mint on Latest 3 Blocks: Use the data from the last 3 confirmed blocks to see the top BRC-20 tokens being minted.

  • Hot Mint Pending on Mempool (Block #0): Use data on Mempool to see the top BRC-20 tokens minting and awaiting block confirmations.

  • Hot Trade on Unisat & Okx: Use data on Unisat and Okx to see the top BRC-20 tokens traded.


/gas - Track gas fees on the Bitcoin network

/brc20 tick - Enter the tick of the BRC-20 token you need to track

With this command the bot will provide you with some information about the BRC-20 token you entered: Price, 24h Trading Volume, Marketcap.

πŸ‘‰ Add bot to group with admin rights:

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