BRC-20 Token Minting Instructions

1. Select BRC20 Token

  • Enter the BRC20 token "tick" in the input box. Clicking the "CHECK" button will display the percentage of tokens that have been minted and amount default of tokens.

  • Repeat Mint: Enter the number of times you want to repeat the minting process; a maximum of 1000 inscriptions can be supported in a single batch.

2. Connect wallet and choose fee rate (Or enter the wallet address manually to receive inscriptions)


  • Use Segwit wallet addresses to reduce network fees

  • In cases where transactions on the Bitcoin network are highly volatile, we recommend that users set a higher gas fee to avoid transactions being processed too long.

3. Select Payment Method

  • Click "PAY WITH WALLET"; it is convenient and simple (recommended).

  • If you choose to "Pay with BTC", users need to copy the exact amount of BTC to be transferred to the payment wallet address within 1 hour. After 1 hour, if payment is not received, the transaction will automatically expire.

4. The inscribing process will begin immediately after payment

You can track the inscribing process at "ORDER HISTORY"

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